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Using Dropbox for Git Repositories

Ever had a small project you wanted to version control in Git, wanted to keep private (whilst being able to share with friends) but couldn't justify using a paid for private repository? It's really quick and simple to utilise Dropbox for this.

Route53 DNS updates with Foreman

I've been using Foreman within Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a while now on a number of different projects. The EC2 Compute resource is pretty solid in my experience. It has a couple of limitations but nothing that cannot be worked around with a little thought.

RedHat Satellite with Katello Capsules for DHCP

On my current project we came up against an issue with FreeBSD (or any BSD flavour, apparently) being unable to relay DHCP across a VPN connection, due to the way virtual interfaces are handled (basically, there is no hardware address assigned so there is nothing to bind to). We are using pfSense for our firewalls so moving from BSD was not an option.

Creating a custom CentOS 6.6 AMI

Whilst there are plenty of options for a CentOS AMI in the AWS Marketplace it can be useful to create you own base image.

Debugging with Puppet RSpec

Often it is useful to be able to run Puppet with verbose output during the execution of your specs. This is simple enough by adding the following to your spec or spec_helper.rb: